Samsung criticised for fixing recalled washing machines with tape

SAMSUNG has been criticised for using plastic bags and tape to prevent faulty washing machines from bursting into flames.

Samsung launched a national recall of six top-loader models this year with the faulty washing machines reported to overheat and burst into flames as a result of a water leakage fault.

The Electronics giant initially issued a recall for the machines in 2013, however only a small portion of the affected models had been reworked and replaced, forcing the company to issue a second, much larger and prominent recall.


As part of the recall, owners of the faulty washing machines have been urged to contact Samsung, who has been instructing their technicians to apply “a fire-retardant, industry-standard polyethylene bag” to electrical connectors to prevent the fires.

However many are stating that the fix is not good enough and that a replacement machine would be an acceptable fix.

Samsung has stated that if customers with reworked washing machines still have a concern,  they are happy to send a technician to review the rework free of charge.