Samsung Galaxy Note7 smartphones recalled worldwide

Bad news for people with the new Samsung smartphone – the electronics giant has announced an official recall of all Galaxy Note7 smartphones in Australia.

The national, voluntary recall comes just days after the new devices were pulled from shelves around the world.

According to the Samsung Electronics Australia website, the recall is in response to the recent announcement by Samsung Electronics regarding isolated battery cell issues with the Galaxy Note7.


Since its release, 35 Samsung Note7s have reportedly burst into flames in countries including the United States, North Korea and Taiwan.

It’s believed the incidents occurred whilst the smartphones were charging.

Customers who have purchased a Galaxy Note7 have been advised to turn off the phone immediately and to return it to its place of purchase.

“Samsung Electronics Australia advises all customers who use a Galaxy Note7 smartphone to power down their device, return it to its place of purchase and use an alternative device until a remedy can be provided,” the company said in a statement.

“The safety and ongoing satisfaction of our customers is our top priority,”

“We know our Galaxy Note7 customers are our most loyal customers and we are taking a proactive approach to support them.”

Customers who have to return their phones will be offered a full refund or a courtesy device.