Sandbags available for Gold Coasters in preparation for Cyclone Oma

The Gold Coast Council has activated sandbagging to help locals prepare for the worst, as Cyclone Oma nears the coast.

It comes after the Weather Bureau issued its first Cyclone Watch, in it’s 11.07am update of the system’s tracking.

Council has machines at work filling sandbags, which will be made available to Gold Coast locals from various sites, including depots at Coomera, Reedy Creek and Tugun.


“Planning is everything, so if mother nature should decide to come straight for the Gold Coast, we’ve got to be prepared for it,” Mayor Tate said.

Sandbagging underway. PHOTO | Supplied by City of Gold Coast

“Our heavy equipment is working flat out at Narrowneck to make sure that’s all completed in the next 24 hours, and activating sandbagging and the disaster management unit, now it’s a bit of a ‘wait and see’.

“All of our beaches are now closed, so if you want to swim, maybe put it off until another day.

“My attitude is that you never know when the big waves will come and you will end up in the water, no just endangering your life, but you’ll be endangering those rescuers lives who have to go and fish you out,” he said.

The Mayor also recommends everyone bring in their outdoor furniture, especially those who live in high rise apartments, and to keep an eye on pets.

For the latest tracking from BOM: First ‘Cyclone Watch’ issued for the Gold Coast in 29 years