Santa Claus delivers urgent message to Queensland kids ahead of Christmas

Good news for those worried about Santa getting around borders for Christmas, he’s been cleared to visit us all!

There were concerns that a lot of families would miss out on a visit from Santa this year, with coronavirus effecting international travel.

There are rumours Santa is completely immune to coronavirus, leading a lot of countries to allow him to visit.


Overnight, Queensland has confirmed Santa’s ‘global exemption’ status, and that he’ll be easily able to travel to all the homes in the state on Christmas eve.

Santa has also shared a Christmas message for all the little girls and boys hoping for a visit, requesting one key item be left out with his milk and cookies.

“My journey is going to be a little different this year, with a few Covid-safe initiatives,” Santa told Queensland Health, in a live interview direct from the northpole.

“Regular hand washing is going to be an essential part of my travel, please feel free to leave some hand sanitiser out with my milk and cookies,” he says.

“I know Christmas is a little different this year, but together it will still be a special one,” he said.

Watch the full video below!