Santa’s lap could be off limits this xmas

SANTA’S lap could soon be off limits, breaking decades of tradition after it has been reported that child protection advocates are arguing for increased levels of regulation during the festive season.

The traditional Santa photo souvenir is in danger with a debate among Queensland parents on social media prompting updated shopping centre protection regulations during Christmas time.

Child protection activist Hetty Johnston this week backed the concerns of Queensland parents who thought the time had come to stop children sitting on the lap of Santa for Christmas photos, instead giving them a choice.


“The directive would be for children to stand beside Santa, unless parents or children request to sit on his knee. Shopping centres have a duty of care to protect children on premises,” Ms Johnston said.

Whilst many parents are for the strengthened protection laws others are disgusted stating that it’s political correctness taken too far – What’s next? Will Mrs Claus be slammed for her weight after eating one too many Christmas Puddings…