Say goodbye to Domino’s margherita pizza

Domino’s have announced they are overhauling their menu, and sadly we will have to bid farewell to some of our favourites.

From Monday, you will no longer be able to order a classic margherita pizza from the fast food chain, with the timeless classic getting the chop.

Prawn Bacon and Feta, Grand Supreme, Loaded Meatlovers, Chicken and Camembert, Deli Vege and Camembert, Hickory BBQ Pulled Beef, Lamb Tzatziki, and BBQ Lamb and Bacon have also been dropped from the Domino’s menu.


But fear not pizza lovers, Domino’s have said they will be introducing 20 new pizzas over 20 weeks. They will also be adding a “Premium” pizza range to the menu.