Sayed Abdellatif and his extraordinary detention in Australian immigration

Sayed Abdellatif’s son is celebrating his 12th birthday. On a low table, plates are piled with homemade cake and colourful chunks of pomegranate, mango and kiwifruit.

The birthday boy wears sneakers and jeans. He talks loudly to his sisters and brother and mum in a broad Australian accent. The treats are offered around, and happily accepted.

It could be any party, anywhere, save for the fluorescent bands on everybody’s wrists.


The Abdellatif children are visiting their dad in a separate room just off the central visitors’ section of Sydney’s Villawood detention centre.

The whole family are detainees, and their father is considered by Australian authorities to be an extreme security risk, “plainly a dangerous terrorist” in the words of the attorney general George Brandis. Abdellatif denies the charges, which Interpol have found not to be true.

Sayed Abdellatif
Sayed Abdellatif: an investigation by the Guardian resulted in his violence-related convictions being found to be false and…

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