SCAM ALERT! Aussies warned of ‘extremely convincing’ fake Netflix email

Netflix users around the country are being urged to remain wary of another dangerous and convincing email scam currently doing the rounds.

MailGuard alerted people to the scam this week, saying the dodgy email informs users that a “change has been noticed in their Netflix account” and that they are advised to “update their payment information immediately” or risk not being able to use the streaming service.

The hoax email, which looks quite legitimate apart from a few obvious grammatical and spelling errors, then includes a link to a phishing website, which can give scammers the potential to steal your credit card details.


“As you can see from the fake log-in, cybercriminals have taken great pains to incorporate the exact colour scheme, logo, fonts and popular images commonly found in Netflix pages in a bid to convince the user that the email is actually originating from the entertainment company,” Mailguard said.

“The inclusion of the threat in the email that the recipients won’t be able to use Netflix’s services if they don’t update their payment information is also a trick designed to spark panic and urgency, motivating quick action.”


Mailguard says they “first detected the malicious emails infiltrating inboxes across Australia on the 29th of October.”

They use a display name of ‘NETFLIX’ or ‘Netflix-Online’, and the emails are titled ‘About your subscription’.

It’s not the first time Netflix has been targeted by cybercriminals.

“Netflix is a popular and well trusted company with an immensely large customer database, so their branding makes a good lure for cybercriminals looking to deceive people,” the web and email security service said.

“If you see an email from Netflix, please exercise caution and make sure it is a legitimate communication before you open it.”