SCAM ALERT: Fraudsters targeting Gold Coasters through online classified websites

Police have issued a warning to Gold Coasters to be wary when selling and buying using online classifieds and community buy and sell websites.

“Over the last few weeks the Robina Division has encountered several fraudulent sales of vehicles and other personal property online,” police said in a statement.

“In one instance, the owner of a vehicle had been contacted by a potential buyer. After viewing the vehicle for sale, the “buyer” has agreed to purchase the vehicle and has shown the owner a picture of what was believed to be an approved bank transaction by an online banking service.”


Police are requesting the public to be vigilant and aware scams and consider the following when purchasing ANY item on these trading sites.

  • When purchasing property for sale which is of a high value, for example electronic devices, jewellery and digital equipment, ensure you record the serial or IMEI numbers of these items. If you are the buyer, request to obtain a proof of purchase or a copy of these serial or IMEI numbers. If you are unsure of the items validity, please contact your nearest police station to confirm the property being sold is not stolen.
  • If the sale is vehicle related, ensure the sale is compiling with Queensland Transport guidelines and regulations. All information with regards to the buying of selling vehicles can be found on the Queensland Transport website.
  • Do not exchange property until the buyer can provide a proof of purchase. Please note a screen shot of an online internet transaction or receipt number is not proof of purchase. Only proceed with the sale if the buyer has the exact money agreed to on in their possession or you have received the money in your nominated bank account.
  • To prevent loss of property by theft ensure all property is recorded and identifiable serial numbers are recorded. Also visit your local police station to arrange a time with Volunteers in Policing to visit and conduct a safety check of your house or premises.