SCAM ALERT: NSW Police issue warning to residents about cold-call scam

Police are warning people about a phone scam targeting elderly people in the NSW Riverina area.

Officers have received several reports within the past month of similar incidents in which the victims have been contacted by a person claiming to work for the Australian Tax Office or Centrelink.

“The victims were informed they were owed a sum of money and are asked to verify their details in order to send a cheque,” police said in a scam alert message on their website.


“They are then told to purchase an iTunes card, claiming this acts as a verification card. The caller then asks the person to call them back and provide them with the coded digits on the back.”

Investigations into the scam are ongoing, with police warning members of the public, particularly the elderly, to be wary of any contact over the phone.

Anyone who fears they may have fallen victim to this scam are urged to contact police immediately.