SCAM ALERT: Police warn of ‘convincing’ online shopping scam

Anyone in the market for a new BBQ is being warned of a convincing new scam involving a number of fake online businesses.

Queensland Police issued the warning on Tuesday, revealing the State Crime Command’s Financial and Cyber Crime Group has been inundated with complaints about the online websites, which are offering what appears to be barbecues at very competitive prices.

“Once the customer pays into the bank account provided by the business they receive no further contact and do not receive the BBQ,” police warned.


Investigations into the scam are underway, with two websites including, and already shut down.

It was too late for some people however, with a number of shoppers caught up in the scam in the lead up to Christmas.

At this stage, at least 20 people from Queensland have been affected, however police say they expect there will be many more.

“The Financial and Cyber Crime Group are reminding Queenslanders to maintain control when shopping online by ensuring the website is legitimate and researching the website online prior to making any purchases,” Qld police said.

“If a website does not participate with a secure payment service such as Paypal or a credit card transaction or is offering greater discounts for direct deposit it is most likely a scam.

“Usually the criminal is after your finances and your personal identification information.”

Anyone who has been affected by this scam is being urged to report it to ReportCyber.