Schapelle Corby admitted to hospital

Former Gold Coast Beauty Therapist turned convicted drug smuggler Schapelle Corby has been hospitalised.

It is believed she has spent the past few days recovering from a broken leg, ankle and knee.

Schapelle, who opened her own Instagram account before returning to Australia from Bali this month, hasn’t been seen in public since she landed after decoys were used to throw the media off the scent.


“This is why you haven’t seen me in a while….. #sickbay #brokenleg #broken ankle #brokenknee,” Ms Corby wrote on her Instagram account with a picture of herself in a hospital bed.

Hi guys. This is why you havent seen me in a while….. #sickbay #brokenleg #brokenankle #brokenknee

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What isn’t known is which hospital she is in and what caused her injuries.  We will just have to wait for her next Instagram post.