Schapelle Corby to wake up in Australia after elusive arrival home

Schapelle Corby will wake up this morning in Australia for the first time in over a decade, a day after an elusive arrival in Brisbane.

The 39-year-old was arrested in Bali in 2004, after smuggling four kilos of marijuana into Indonesia.

The Gold Coast local was whisked away by a convoy after touching down in Brisbane yesterday.


Security Consultant Eleanor Whitman read a statement at Brisbane Airport, asking the public to give the Corby family privacy.

“Priority of focus will be on healing and on moving forward,” she said.

“We ask all parties to show respect for the family’s privacy.”

Meanwhile a specialist in proceeds of crime legislation believes there’s nothing to stop the Corby family from profiting from her story.

Schapelle herself is legally prevented from selling her story, after she was convicted of drug smuggling in 2004.

Barrister Christian Juebner says authorities will keep a close eye on Schapelle and her family.

“Under the Proceeds of Crime Act there are all sorts of information-gathering powers, production orders given to financial institutions, and that is in fact how most of these investigations under the Proceeds of Crime Act commence,” Mr Juebner said.