School fires plummet in Queensland following roll-out of fire safety initiatives

THE number of fire-related incidents at schools across Queensland has halved after a raft of key fire safety initiatives were rolled out across the state.

Minister for Fire and Emergency Services Mark Ryan said safety inspections and educational visits have significantly improved fire safety in Queensland schools.

“Fires, false calls and unwanted alarms at Queensland schools have all decreased in the past year,” Mr Ryan said.
“The number of fires has more than halved in the last year alone.


“This is a testament to the focus QFES continues to place on increasing awareness of fire safety in our schools and making sure correct fire safety procedures are in place.

“The Queensland Government is committed to supporting our firefighters in fulfilling their role in preparing and protecting communities across Queensland.”

Mr Ryan said more than 900 risk-based school inspections had been carried out across Queensland since 2014.

“These targeted inspections proactively identify and act on potential fire risks to ensure our schools have leading fire safety standards in place, such as well-placed smoke alarms, correct signage, and fire exits.

“Inspections and educational visits go a long way toward giving our teachers and students the resources they need to stay safe, prevent fires starting in our schools and knowing how to correctly report incidents.”

QFES Commissioner Katarina Carroll said the risk-based inspections coincided with ongoing fire education visits to Queensland students.

“Firefighters visited more than 1,100 schools last financial year to educate more than 650,000 students on fire safety,” Ms Carroll said.

“It’s pleasing to see more and more school students now know what to do in the event of a fire, including relocating to a safe area and knowing who to contact for help.

“These visits are essential for raising awareness among students and fostering a strong fire safety culture within our schools.”

Ms Carroll said the visits also played a vital part in increasing the broader community’s understanding of fire safety.

“Firefighters often report that students pass on what they learn from these visits to their friends and families to reduce the risk of fires starting in the home,” Ms Carroll said.

“I’ve always said fire safety is everyone’s responsibility, and these visits and inspections help demonstrate what we can achieve by working together.”