School reverses ‘poor decision’ in bid to find murdered student’s killer

pPeople power has helped the loved ones of a murdered Logan student continue the fight to find her killer.

12-year-old Tiahleigh Palmer disappeared from Marsden State High School on October 30 last year. Her body was found almost a week later, on the bank of the Pimpama River.

Her killer is yet to be found.


Last week, her mother Cindi set up a stall outside the school, handing out purple wristbands with the inscription #justice4tiahleigh in a bid to “help encourage a student who may know more to come forward”.

However, she later learned the school was forcing students to remove the wristbands.

This prompted the establishment of an online petition which has generated more than a thousand signatures.

“It’s come to my attention that staff at Marsden State High School are forcing students to remove wristbands they are wearing to honour their murdered school friend, Tiahleigh Palmer,” the petition states.

“We need your support so the schools poor decision in banning these wristbands can be reconsidered.”

One of the signatures has come from Tia’s mum.

“I’m signing because I worked really hard to do everything with these wristbands only for them to essentially be non-existent,” Ms Palmer wrote.

This morning, the site confirmed the campaign had ‘worked’.

“Marsden State High School have today confirmed students and staff will be supported in wearing justice4tiahleigh wristbands.”