Schoolies descend on the Gold Coast for week-long PARTY!

Thousands of school leavers will be on the Gold Coast today, ready to kick off the week-long celebration.

The majority of the activity is happening in Surfers Paradise, where the Schoolies hub is set up.

Nine government agencies including police, paramedics and firefighters are part of the coordinated response team set up to keep the teens safe.


Chair of Gold Coast Schoolies Advisory Group Mark Reaburn says Schoolies isn’t going anywhere, so it’s important the protections and safeguards are in place.

“It’s called a right of passage, people say ban it, stop it.

“We can’t stop it, we don’t control the accommodation.

“These schoolies are coming, and we’re responding,” Mr Reaburn said.

As many as 20,000 teens will be arriving on the Gold Coast today, expected to stay for a week.

This year, roughly 57 per cent of the cohort will be under the age of 18-years-old.

Mr Reaburn says the beach stages are safe areas for those who are underage.

“It’s schoolies only, must have a wrist band, must have school ID to get the wrist band. An alcohol-free safe zone for the kids.

“It’s a diversion reactivity, but our message is ‘be safe, watch your mates’,” Mr Reaburn said.

Medical teams will be a part of the pop-up emergency centre set up in town as well, as part of a hospital avoidance strategy.

Dr Jeff Hooper from Gold Coast Health says there will always be people there ready to help.

“Every night we will have two senior emergency doctors, four nurses attending to patients that come in.

“We’re happy to see anyone that comes in with any sort of medical emergency,” Dr Hooper said.

In addition, around 600 Red Frog volunteers arrived on the coast yesterday, trained and armed with lollies and pancake making skills to help school leavers as well.

We’re expected to hand out over five tonnes of Allen’s Red Frogs this year, cook 50,000 pancakes, we’ll be doing hundreds of walk-homes and taking 10,000 calls in our call centre,” said Chris Geroge, the Queensland State Director of Red Frogs Australia.

For more information about the coordinated Schoolies response, click here.