Schoolies organisers give final preparation tips

The team behind the Schoolies event on the Gold Coast have given Schoolies, their parents, and locals some final tips before school leavers hit Surfers Paradise at the end of this week.

Mark Reaburn from the Gold Coast Schoolies Advisory Group firstly thanked residents for showing understanding.

“We appreciate and acknowledge the fact that we are putting them out,” he said, “but we can’t stop the kids from coming – we can’t hold back the tide.


“Just bare with us. We’re doing the best we can and we think we’re doing it right,” said Mr Reaburn.

A 700-strong army of Red Frogs volunteers will arrive in town on Friday with 20 tonnes of red frogs. They’ve been doing the ground work already to prepare Schoolies by visiting 300 schools around the country and educating 45,000 school leavers about “having a good time but a safe time.”

Chris George from Red Frogs Australia said his team will go from hotel to hotel, floor to floor, cooking pancakes and making sure Schoolies are okay.

“You can access us if you’re a Schoolie on the Red Frog Hotline 24 hours a day – 1300 557 123,” he said.

And Nathan Fife from Lifesaving Queensland said that while the beaches are open from 8am until 5pm every day, it was critical that everyone swam between the red and yellow flags.

“And please no swimming at night, early in the morning or under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.”

Mr Reaburn gave three tips for Schoolies to remember:

  1.  Be safe and watch your mates.
  2.  Social media can haunt you
  3.  If there’s a problem…walk away.

He also urged parents to stay in touch with their kids by setting up a time every night to call them.