Schoolies’ parents invited to join the celebration as safety response volunteer

PARENTS are being urged to volunteer with Crime Stoppers at this year’s Schoolies celebrations on the Gold Coast.

The Schoolies Community Safety response program provides parents with the opportunity to keep an eye on their children without intruding on their fun.

Crime Stopper Volunteer, and school-leaver parent Jason Lake, said he enjoyed volunteering for the first time in 2015 to watch over his graduating son and his friends.


“I really enjoyed interacting with the kids and making sure they were safe,” he said.

“I did street and beach patrols, and a few walk homes.

“The group atmosphere is great, patrolling volunteers are put into groups of four, so volunteer safety is always a priority.”

Mr Lake said the best part of volunteering is seeing those attending enjoying themselves after 12 years of education.

“The whole experience opens your eyes up to what Schoolies is all about,” he said.

“For the most part, it is just good kids who are there having fun, and it is comforting to know that they are in a safe environment.

“I am coming back for a second time this year to watch over my daughter, after the rewarding experience of a very welcoming volunteer community the first year.”

Thousands of school-leavers will take over Surfers Paradise from November 18.

Registrations to volunteer are still open. Parents wanting to register are being urged to do so ASAP to allow enough time for the screening process.

For more information and to register obligation-free, click here or call 1300 309 355.