Schoolies still risking their lives, despite ‘pleasing behaviour overall’

UPDATE @ 4.30PM | Police have confirmed a young woman seen skylarking on the balcony of a Surfers Paradise high-rise was not a Schoolie.

The teenager was filmed on the wrong side of a balcony at the Wyndham Resort yesterday, posing for photos and running along a ledge.

Chief Superintendent Craig Hanlon says the 17-year-old was staying with friends who are Schoolies but has since been kicked out.


“Police were notified after the event, we know who the person is, we understand management have evicted them,” Chief Superintendent Hanlon said.

“They were not a registered resident of the unit and the person has returned to their home address in Brisbane and Police will follow up inquiries to see if any offence has been committed.”

The girl could potentially face up to a year in prison if she’s convicted of an offence.

Police say they are encouraged by reports the girl’s friends were trying to get her back inside the unit, but are urging Schoolies not to try and take matters into their own hands if that fails.

“The message is  -be safe and watch your mates; if you do see people acting in a way that may cause them harm, try and get them back and if you cant succeed look at potentially some volunteers or security in the building or police or emergency services,”Chief Superintendent Hanlon said.

Safer Schoolies Response Gold Coast Advisory Group Chair Mark Reaburn says it’s disheartening that Police weren’t called at the time.

“It’s very disappointing that someone has taken the time to film but hasn’t taken the time to contact the Police and do something,” Mr Reaburn said.

“We said it many times if there’s any issue don’t be afraid to call Triple-zero. but if people have got the time to film surely you’ve got the time to call triple-zero if there’s something dangerous going on.”

EARLIER @ 1.00PM | The class of 2019 is already being praised as some of the safest schoolies yet, midway through the first week of celebrations, though balcony related incidents are still proving troublesome.

After night four last night, only nine schoolie arrests were made, which is on par with the same night last year.

Most of the arrests last night were made for drug possession, though Mayor Tom Tate says that’s to be expected.

“Yeah well, that’s always been a problem but as far as arrest numbers are concerned this year – it’s down on the previous year.

“So I would say to the class of 2019 – you’ve come through it pretty well,” he said.

In the lead up to the celebrations, volunteer groups part of the ‘Safer Schoolies Report’ say schoolies is becoming more safe every year, which they attribute to better education at school.

“Schoolies, you know, 15-20 years ago were having a really big time.

“A lot of alcohol, a lot of drugs, a lot of risk taking… but we’ve really seen the culture of schoolies change over the last few years.

“I think that’s really around the education seminars that the Red Frogs have been doing in schools,” Chris George from the Red Frogs said last week.

Though there have been a number of balcony related incidents, which authorities are working to contain.

A woman has been captured on film sitting on the wrong side of a balcony in Surfers.

It comes after several incidents reported over the weekend, of drug induced schoolies trying to skylark.

Mayor Tate hopes that schoolies recognise when their mates are doing the wrong thing and put a stop to it themselves.

“Always look after your mates, if they’re pushing it to the limit and they’re going to endanger themselves… mate, they’re your friends. They’re you friends for life.

“Get them off the balcony, help them, talk them out of it, you understand them more than anyone else,” Mayor Tom Tate said.