Schoolies urged play safe

With Schoolies celebrations on the Gold Coast only days away, the event’s original and number one operator,, is urging all school leavers to act responsibly and stay on the right side of the law. CEO Matt Lloyd said tens of thousands of Schoolies would descend on the Gold Coast from November 21 to take part in the long-anticipated rite of passage.

“Schoolies is an important celebration for every young adult and we want every school leaver to enjoy themselves and remember the celebration for the rest of their lives,” he said.


“Of course, the key to an enjoyable time is to also exercise caution and common sense and it is really important for all young adults to stick together and stay out of harm’s way to ensure a memorable week of celebrations.”

Mr Lloyd said inexperience, excitement and intoxication could often lead to risk-taking and inappropriate behavior during Schoolies and it was important for school leavers to understand the long-term implications of breaking the law.

“Taking unnecessary risks, binge drinking and drug taking is not only extremely dangerous but can lead to a brush with the law,” Mr Lloyd said.

“Just one criminal conviction has the ability to interfere with future job opportunities, visa applications and working overseas.

“We’re urging all school leavers to think before they act, to stay safe and to remember the Red Frogs and police are there to help in times of need.”

Mr Lloyd said all Schoolies were required to carry a Schoolies photo ID at all times and there was a 24-hour helpline for students and parents should an issue arise.

“This year, as in other years, we’ve organised all sorts of fun events and activities for Schoolies to enjoy and each event is fully supervised with comprehensive security arrangements,” he said.

“Nowhere is safer and more organised than the Gold Coast for Schoolies which is the feedback we consistently get back from the parents and the students who have experienced it in previous years.”


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