Schoolies week fast approaching

AN important message for mums and dads in the lead-up to Schoolies Week in November.

Queensland school leavers will flock to the Glitter Strip from November 22 and has released a “Parent Survival Guide”.

CEO Matt Lloyd said graduates need to know parents can panic and it is important to let them know you are okay.


He said “we’re just keen to give parents as much help as possible, obviously for some parents it’s a pretty stressful time”.

Mr Lloyd said Year 12’s can sometimes get a bit homesick as it’s often the longest amount of time they’ve spent away from home without mum and dad.

Volunteers including the Schoolies Support Team and Red Frogs as well as additional Police, Paramedics and Firefighters are on hand during the event.

Mr Lloyd also urged graduates to answer the phone even if it’s one of their parents ringing, just so they know they are safe.  He said “one of the big sayings the Queensland Government has and the Police is be safe and watch your mates, so that’s knowing where your friends are staying and obviously having all their contact details is extremely important”.

School leavers should be encouraged to be well organised, which could include pre-arranging a meeting place in case they’re separated from their friends.

New South Wales and Victorian school leavers will kick up their heels in the precinct starting November 29.