Schoolies Week tips to stay in control

Mums and dads are being urged to talk to their children about safe drinking habits ahead of schoolies week celebrations in Surfers Paradise.

School leavers will start arriving in a fortnight and Andrew Gourley from the Red Frogs Chaplain Service said it is best if parents think about how much alcohol they are going to buy.

He recommended they come up with an amount, then divide that number by four.


The Red Frogs get their name from the delicious red lollies they hand out to graduates every year but Andrew warned against taking sweets from just anyone.

He said their members always travel in groups of four and they also have identification and official shirts which are black with a picture of a big red frog on the front.

Every year the Red Frogs head into apartment buildings and wake up schoolies with a hearty breakfast of pancakes.  They cook and flip more than 100,000 of them during the week.

Andrew also said it is easy for graduates to get walked home.  There will be a designated “walk home tent” set up at the end of Cavill Mall.  As well there is a Red Frog APP which can be downloaded.  Graduates who need someone to walk them home can simply activate the APP and let the Red Frog crew know where they are and a team will be sent to them.

Or they can call the Red Frog Hotline on 1300 557 123.

The crew also needs our support, we are being encouraged to visit their website.  There we are able to sponsor a volunteer for about $300 or donate pancake shakers, or offer accommodation for Red Frogs members.