McLaughlin reveals frightening hospital scare after GC600 crash

Supercars star Scott McLaughlin has revealed the heart-stopping moment doctors thought he may have bleeding on the brain following his horror crash at the Gold Coast 600 on Sunday.

McLaughlin clipped a wall during qualifying before his Mustang careered into a concrete barrier and flipped onto its side.

Miraculously, the defending supercars champ managed to escape serious injury and was given the all clear by medical staff at the track. However, it wasn’t until McLaughlin’s close friends and Fiancee Karly noticed him slurring words in TV interviews moments later that they realised something wasn’t right.


Speaking on his “Balls and Bumpers” podcast which he does with AFL star Jack Riewoldt, the 26-year-old opened up about the true extent of the “biggest crash of his career” for the very first time.

“I went to the Gold Coast hospital, I was lying on the bed for about 40 minutes, there were like 400 doctors around me at the same time, it was full-on,” McLaughlin said.

“I was stuck in a neck brace which was so incredibly uncomfortable, and then they said look we want to take you for a CT scan on your head to check it’s alright, it should take five minutes.

“But then the scan took 15 or 20 minutes and I thought this is weird… when we came out no one was really talking to me and stuff.

“They said we just saw a bit of an abnormality on the brain, it’s meant to be like sort of 50-50, very parallel, what the brain looks like, but it does look like yours has moved in some ways and there’s a little bit of fluid or substance there… So we’re going to have to do an MRI, we don’t know, it could be bleeding.”

McLaughlin said it was at that moment he became really emotional “just thinking about the worst”.

“There was three hours there before the MRI where I was absolutely sh**ting myself, everything is going through my head, me and Karly were sort of sitting there crying and stuff because it’s just like what’s going to happen and life in general has just been flipped upside down straight away.”

Thankfully, McLaughlin was given the good news that everything was okay whilst he was sitting in the hospital room watching the end of the supercars race on television.

He says he’s now on strict orders to rest for the rest of the week before hopefully getting back on the track for the Sandown 500 on November 10.

“I think I’ve still got to go through a check-up before Sandown, but I should be pretty good,” McLaughlin said.

When asked what he thought about part of his Mustang ending up on a nearby Gold Coast balcony, McLaughlin said he was very relieved no one was hurt.

“The way that shock absorber, you can watch it in the footage, how it comes off it looks like an elastic band, it’s crazy… I’m glad all I owe that guy is a table and an esky,” McLaughlin joked.