Sea Turtle fighting for life after being dragged from water for a selfie

An endangered sea turtle is fighting for life after being dragged from the water so people could take selfies with it.

The sickening incident occurred on Havana Beach in Rmeileh, Lebanon.

In a Facebook post titled ‘Dying for a selfie???’ Animals Lebanon revealed the turtle had suffered serious skull injuries after repeatedly being hit on the head.


“This sea turtle was dragged from the water south of Beirut, used so people could take selfies, and repeatedly hit on the head.

“Animals Lebanon is assisting the Ministry of Agriculture and Civil Defense to make sure this sea turtle does not die from this unnecessary, avoidable, and illegal cruelty.

“The turtle has been given antibiotics and she is being taken for x-ray of her head. The damage is visible and evident – the blows and trauma she suffered have broken through the top of her head, and water from the sea has reached her sinus cavities.

“We are consulting with the International Zoo Veterinary Group experts to make sure the turtle gets the necessary care.”

Animals Lebanon says that the turtle is now recovering with the help of carers.

“To better care for him we bought a large pool and sun shade. The pool was set up this morning next to the port and sea water pumped in. By noon the turtle was moved in and looking more relaxed.”