Sea World ‘cautiously optimistic’ about rehabilitation of young Fur Seal

The Sea World team say they are remaining cautiously optimistic on the rehabilitation efforts of the rescued New Zealand Fur Seal found stranded at Mermaid Beach.

The young seal which is approximately 18 months old is recuperating at Sea World’s specialised veterinarian centre and is under the care of the expert veterinarian and animal care team.

Sea World Director of Marine Sciences, Trevor Long said the welfare and wellbeing of the seal continues to be the team’s highest priority.


“The seal has settled well in our Veterinary Quarantine Centre and has eaten a small amount of fish which is an encouraging sign,” Mr Long said.

“Since arriving on Sunday afternoon, the team have placed him on antibiotics, fluids and a nutritional program to get his weight back up as he is severely underweight. Sadly the seal which came to the park after stranding on North Stradbroke Island was in a very poor condition and died late Monday afternoon.

“It is not uncommon for these younger seals to be found this far north at this time of year as they have just been weaned from their mothers and their inexperience coupled with extreme weather conditions can result in getting caught in currents and floating north.

“Sea World will work and liaise with Queensland Environment and Heritage for the best outcome for the seal’s future.”