Sea World releases rehabilitated dolphin, turtle and shark



Image: Supplied

A DOLPHIN, turtle and shark have all be released back into the ocean, after undergoing treatment at Sea World in Main Beach.


Young offshore bottlenose dolphin, Sandy, has been nursed back to full health over seven weeks, after being found stranded on Moreton Island.


Image: Supplied

Sea World Director of Marine Sciences, Trevor Long said it was a wonderful result.

“Sandy was under the constant care of our specialised vet and animal care teams who put her on an antibiotic regime as due to the stranding she had lost considerable weight,” Mr Long said.

“After seven weeks in our vet centre, Sandy’s health improved and she was ready to be released. We chose to take her back to the Moreton Island area in the hopes she would rejoin with her pod. Once released Sandy swam off strongly in a north-easterly direction.”


Image: Supplied

The team also used the trip as a chance to return a rehabilitated Green Turtle and a black-tip reef shark to the Moreton Bay area.