Sea World welcomes gorgeous polar bear cubs

Sea World has welcomed twin Polar Bear cubs to its flock.

The newest members of Polar Bear Shores arrived on Wednesday April 26.

Mum Liya gave birth to the tiny pair.  They weigh approximately 600 grams each and are 15 centimetres long.


Liya’s been captured on den cam being very gentle with her Polar Bear babies, wrapping her giant paws around their small bodies.

The Theme Park’s Polar Bear and veterinary team at Sea World are monitoring Liya and the cubs very closely as these early stages remain an extremely critical period.

Marine Director Trevor Long told Nine News they’re both doing exceptionally well “Liya’s been a wonderful mother to the two cubs”.

He added “they’ve settled into a nice routine, basically they’re awake for about an hour and a half and during that time they feed from mum, they do a bit of squawking and then they also do a bit of exploring and then they sleep for an hour”.

Mr Long said the routine’s downpat and doing exceptionally well.

He said the Theme Park’s got some “incredible monitoring equipment that we’ve been able to not only capture some wonderful vision, but we can hear everything that goes on”.

“So we can hear them crying, we can hear them suckling, we can hear mum looking after them, so we’re very pleased with the progress so far.

The new arrivals, which are yet to be named, represent their second lot of Polar Bear births.  Henry arrived back in May 2013.

Mr Long says their program is critical “because the captive breeding of Polar Bear cubs could actually be what makes them survive in the long term in the wild”.

He said there are “five Polar Bear nations and nineteen sub-populations and some of those are in decline”.

“Polar Bears are listed as threatened and it’s been said or thought that in maybe in 2040 we might see a decline of up to 30 per cent of our Polar Bears worldwide.