Sea World’s adorable Polar Bear Cub makes a splash in Polar Pre-School!

Sea World’s super cute, five-month old Polar Bear Cub Mishka has reached the next stage in her development, making a splash in the deep pool at the refurbished Polar Pre-School exhibit!

The grassed area at Polar Pre-School has been removed to make way for the large, deeper pool to allow mum Liya to teach Mishka how to swim, dive and explore life under the water.

Polar Bear Shores Supervisor, Tacha Mulligan said Mishka had mastered her swimming skills in the shallow-water pool and is ready to progress to the deeper pool.


“Mishka has been doing really well in the purpose-built shallow wading pool we designed and has displayed a confident swimming ability but it is time for her to hone new swimming skills in the large pool,” she said.

PHOTO: Supplied | Sea World

“Since making her public debut, Mishka has been delighting crowds at Sea World with her playful and inquisitive nature and we can’t wait for guests to be able to watch her as she continues her development in the deep pool.

PHOTO: Supplied | Sea World

Tacha said Mishka is continuing to grow significantly in size and is now weighing roughly 30 kilograms and starting to interact with solid foods including fish, beef and pork.

Polar Pre-School is a specially designed area which allows for Mishka to develop her life-skills and explore new environments under the watchful eye of her doting mum.