Seafood shortage heading into Easter

Consumers should expect to pay near-record prices in Australia for seafood this Easter.

Floods, labour shortages, rising petrol prices and an increased overseas appetite have all led to less seafood in the market.

Wild weather has meant many boats have simply been unable to go out, limiting catches.


A Covid wave is reportedly sweeping through the fishing community, with crews stuck in isolation and much of the fishing fleet moored.

It has resulted in a massive undersupply of seafood.

Experts expect price increases of up to 40 per cent this year, as demand increases in the lead-up to Easter.

The prices of Good Friday favourites such as prawns, oysters and Tasmanian salmon, will be affected.

Salmon prices are particularly high at the moment, up around 25 per cent.

Experts advise the best buys should be Australian snapper and blue eye trevalla, with their prices due to remain stable.

Consumers are being told to get orders in early to avoid missing out.