Seal pup found at Mermaid survives the night

UPDATE:  The baby seal that washed up on Mermaid Beach has survived the night after he was collected by vets from Seaworld.

A spokesperson said the New Zealand fur seal pup had recently been weaned from his mum.

He will be kept in their vet centre and will continue to be monitored.


When he’s well enough he’ll be put through some rehabilitation and eventually released back into the ocean.

EARLIER: A baby seal has washed up on a Gold Coast beach after reportedly being attacked by a shark.

Alive, the injured pup spent several hours stranded on the sands of Mermaid Beach on Sunday morning.

According to 7 News Queensland, the small mammal had washed ashore after somehow escaping the jaws of a shark.

Gold Coast woman Sophie Szczudlo said the little seal appeared to be exhausted.

Her partner stumbled across the pup on his morning walk.

VIDEO: Sophie Szczudlo

“My boyfriend took my dog to the beach and saw it as soon as he got there, so he rang me to come down” Miss Szczudlo told myGC.

“It was at Mermaid Beach from about 7:30am to 10am, but it was down at Nobby’s at around 6.

“The seal was just laying down the whole time, and appeared quite weak.

“It had a few cuts and scratches on it.”

The injured mammal was rescued from the beach shortly after 10am and is now being cared for by staff at Sea World.