Sean Abbott’s statement read at death of Phil Hughes inquiry

The inquest into the death of Australian cricketer Philip Hughes will continue today, after a statement from the man who bowled the fatal ball was read out yesterday.

New South Wales bowler Sean Abbott was permitted to deliver a written statement to the coroner’s court on Wednesday, in which he said he felt dazed and “super tired” for days after Hughes’ death.

“I ran to the other end of the pitch and I held the right side of his head with my left hand,” he said in the statement signed in September.


“Once in the change room I felt confused and upset, I had a headache.”

Friend and former Tasmanian batsman Matthew Day’s statement was also released this week, claiming that New South Wales bowler Doug Bollinger said “I am going to kill you” during a match before Hughes’ death.

Other cricketers have come to Bollinger’s defence saying they can’t recall the comment, while the Hughes family were concerned it was directed at Hughes and his batting partner Tom Cooper.

The director of Masuri, the helmet-maker Hughes wore, may be asked to provide evidence today, as well as Cricket Australia’s Sports Science Manager and former team physio.