Missing light plane found

UPDATE: TASMANIAN Police have confirmed they have found the missing light plane that crashed off Port Arthur, Tasmania.

It is alleged two bodies have also been located inside the cockpit.

The crash happened on Monday night when the plane was out in wild weather filming the Sydney to Hobart yacht race.


UPDATE: IT is reported aviation headphones and an aircraft headrest have been discovered in waters near where a light plane is believed to have crashed.

A 29-year-old pilot and 61-year-old cameraman were on board the plane taking photos and filming the final stages of the Sydney to Hobart yacht race.

It is alleged the light plane crashed into the waters off the Tasman peninsula, however the plane and men have not yet been found.

A large search involving boats and helicopters is continuing.

EARLIER: A LIGHT plane that went missing whilst filming the final stages of the Sydney to Hobart yacht race is still yet to be found.

Two people including a cameraman and pilot were on board the plane which is believed to have crashed in bad weather off Storm bay around 6:30pm last night.

A number of helicopters have been added to join in the search today.