Search for missing Malaysian flight enters Australian waters

THE search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 has officially entered waters off Western Australia.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott told Parliament on Monday afternoon that Australia would co-ordinate operations in the vast search area of the Indian Ocean.

Mr Abbott said the Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak asked that Australia take responsibility for the search.


”I agreed that we would do so. I offered the Malaysian Prime Minister additional maritime surveillance resources which he gratefully accepted,” Mr Abbott said.

The Indian Ocean has been identified as one of two possible corridors the mystery flight may have taken.

If the jetliner did indeed take the southern route, it would have most likely flown through Australia’s search and rescue zone.

Australia currently has two P-3C Orion surveillance planes contributing to the search, both of which have collectively clocked more than 50 hours in the sky.

”I wish to assure the House and … the Australian people that Australia will do its duty in this matter,” Mr Abbott said.

”We will do our duty to ensure that our search and rescue responsibilities are maintained and upheld and we will do our duty to the families of the 230 people on that aircraft who are still absolutely devastated by their absence and who are still profoundly, profoundly saddened by this as yet unfathomed mystery.”