Searching for magic pudding

OH Lordy, that thing is happening again – a politician on a listening tour.

Treasurer Tim Nicholls has announced he will be coming to the Gold Coast on a listening tour about the state’s finances, the massive debt left by Labor and whether the sale of public-owned assets is the way to go.

Before everyone panics and heads for the Hinterland, it is an invitation only listening tour.


He’ll be going all over the state with his listening tour which will be pleasant for him.

But why is this very expensive exercise in public consultation needed?

To soften up voters so at the election the LNP Government can say ‘well, we consulted’ and hope that kills it off as an issue?

Before the Newman Government was elected, the LNP promised not to sell any public assets until they had a mandate at the next election.

So why not wait until the campaign and then let EVERYONE have a say at the election.

During the 2012 election campaign, the LNP did not mention they would not be able to pay down any of the massive debt without selling off parts of Queensland.

They were full of huff and puff about how they would make everything better after the Labor years.

They just couldn’t say how.

They were accused of relying on a ‘magic pudding’ that would turn up to fix things and that other mythical pot of gold – the savings from cutting ‘government waste’.

This week Mr Nicholls told Parliament: “The choices before us are straightforward. We can increase taxes and charges massively, we can reduce services or we consider the sale or lease of some mature government businesses …”
Doesn’t really seem like much of a choice.

Mr Nicholls went on to say he wanted to hear from Queenslanders – the specially invited ones – about how the debt could be reduced.

That’s his job to come up with those ideas!

Did perhaps the LNP, like Labor before them, over-estimate the mining boom and how much revenue the state would get?

No wonder they are so anxious to give out some more casino licences.

Mr Nicholls perhaps should heed a very wise quote I just stumbled upon:

No one is listening until you fart.



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