Season over in just eight days

WE WERE gifted the dream start to the 2015 AFL season.

Our lads declared themselves fit and ready to fire. A new coach, a better coach we were told, was installed to help us make that final leap into the finals.

After two rounds and 8 quarters of atrociously weak football the Gold Coast Suns may as well start planning for 2016.
Because this season is over.


With games against Melbourne and St Kilda to start the season, Gold Coast footy fans (and sport lovers in general) were looking to the Suns to finally deliver some sporting success to a city that has had so little.

When the final siren sounded at Metricon Stadium on Saturday night those same hopeful, wide-eyed fans had heads buried in their hands, their misty eyes focused not on this weekend but on next season.

You see, unlike the NRL where the lowliest side can ‘turn up’ and snatch a win from the heaviest of premiership favourites, the AFL mechanism is vastly different.

If a team is down the bottom, then you must beat them to play finals – every other side will beat them, so you must just to stay even.

And then you must also beat those teams around, even above you, to leap into finals contention.

To have a legitimate chance of playing finals the Suns needed to be 5-0 to start the season, maybe 4-1 at worst.

They may very well be 0-5.

In just eight days the Gold Coast Suns let pre-season hype snatch their season away before it has begun.

At least I hope it was pre-season hype and not something more sinister.

But given their ‘effort’ you do have to wonder.

Having watched every excruciating minute of both the Melbourne and St. Kilda games you have to question whether the players are not just a little (very) angry at the sacking of their former coach.

Or it could be the addition of highly paid recruit Nick Malceski straight into a side that already possessed two extremely exciting young rebounding half backs.

It could even be that their captain, the great Gary Ablett, was gifted a game when the entire club (him included) new that he was not even 50%.

Who can know what the reason is. But there is a reason.

A team simply cannot play as badly, as ineptly and as completely devoid of ticker as our Suns did in Round’s 1 and 2.

Even if we were to beat Geelong this weekend, those first two games cannot be re-claimed.

With Ablett out, Jarrod Harbrow out, Stanley and Dixon unavailable and O’Meara out for the season the sun has already set on the Gold Coast’s finals chances in 2015.

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