SeaWorld handler bitten by Sea Lion undergoes surgery

UPDATE: A SEAWORLD animal handler will undergo surgery tonight after he was bitten by an “excited” Sea Lion at the popular theme park this morning.

The 28-year-old man was reportedly weighing the animal when it turned on him shortly after 9.15am on Wednesday.

He’s reportedly worked at the theme park for a number of years and is said to be “very experienced” in his field.


He was taken to Pindara Private Hospital with two deep bites to his right arm which he’ll receive surgery for tonight.

Sea World released a statement shortly after the incident, saying both the sea lion and trainer were in good condition and that the sea lion was a resident at Seal Theatre and was “not involved in interactions with guests”.

“Sea World has a long history of working with marine animals and implements the highest safety protocols and procedures,” the statement read. “The sea lions are coming into their breeding season which can lead to them being in an excited state.”

EARLIER, Rebecca Dakin reported a 28-year-old handler escaped with a gash to his arm after he was bitten by a Sea Lion during the middle of a routine session.