Seaworld the first Gold Coast theme park to reopen today!

The Gold Coast’s tourism industry is taking another step closer to normality this morning, with Seaworld to reopen its gates!

From 9.30am, up to 6,000 people will be welcomed back at a reduced rate, with extra coronavirus precautions in place.

For example, rides will be wiped down after every ride.


While Village Roadshow has also developed an app, which will eventually ensure a contactless experience for visitors, who can store tickets, maps, photos and more through their own phones.

Seaworld is the first of the Gold Coast themeparks to open back up, but Paradise Country and Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary are also back open from today.

Tourism Minister Kate Jones is urging everyone to come and visit over the school holidays.

“I want to thank all the staff who have had a really roller-coaster ride over the last three months.

“It has been tough times but to be standing here the day before school holidays to be announcing that Sea World will be open to Queenslanders for the school holidays, I have one simple message and that to to every Queenslander out there, come and support the thousands of jobs that rely on us visiting them during our tourism hot season.

“We know it is school holidays, we need to bring your families here.

“I will certainly be bringing my family here to come an enjoy everything we love about the Gold Coast’s amazing theme parks,” Ms Jones said. 

Tammy Johnson Marine and Mammal trainer at Seaworld has told Galey, Emily Jade and Christo says even the dolphins have noticed a difference.

“I think like all of us, there was a bit of an adjustment period for them, where the expectation to see guests was still there.

“But just due to us having a bit more extra time with the dolphins, we just implemented a lot more things into their day, we did extra feeds, extra training sessions.

“We also focused a lot more on our cognitive training concepts, so they’ve been enjoying learning them.

“And we’ve got a pretty in depth enrichment program, so we’ve been able to focus a lot more on that as well, so lots of play, lots of game, lots of in the water interactions,” Ms Johnson said.

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Check the pictures of the queues and crowds on other news sites. No adherence to social distancing whatsoever, yet Queensland today ended its 9-day streak of no cases when a person tested positive. We’re not out of the woods yet, people, so a bit of common sense and consideration, please!