WATCH: Seaworld’s cute and cuddly polar bear cub explores new playground

ADORABLE images have been released of Seaworld’s three-month-old Polar Bear Cub as she reaches the next stage in her development and starts exploring Cub Kindy.

The area is a specially designed zone at the world-class Polar Bear Shores exhibit which allows the cub to develop life-skills and explore new substrates, such as shaved ice.

The cub is taking all of the exciting new experiences in Cub Kindy in her little stride, including playing with mum, Liya, on the ice, interacting with new toys and getting her first taste of solid foods. See the video below!


Sea World Director of Marine Sciences Trevor Long said the cub is doing really well and is becoming more inquisitive and playful each day, with Cub Kindy being a key part in her growth.

“The first time to cub saw Cub Kindy, she was a little nervous, but after watching and learning from mum her confidence grew and she began to dig, run and play in the ice and is now starting to spend more time out there,” he said.

“The cub has also been introduced to her first toys in Cub Kindy and she’s taken a real shine to a small ball which she enjoys playing with and chasing around the ice, keeping Liya on her toes.”

Mr Long said the cub is continuing to grow significantly in size and is now starting to interact with solid foods including fish, meat, and pork. it won’t be long until she makes her public debut.

He said it wouldn’t be long until she makes her public debut.

In the meantime, Seaworld is still asking the public to help pick a name for the adorable cub.

PHOTO: Supplied/Seaworld

PHOTO: Supplied/Seaworld

More than 20 thousand votes have been tallied so far, with Mishka proving to be the most popular at this stage.

To cast a vote in the naming competition and go in the draw to win a family Sea World holiday including three nights’ stay at the award-winning Sea World Resort and unlimited theme park entry, click here.

PHOTO: Supplied/Seaworld

PHOTO: Supplied/Seaworld

The Polar Bears at Sea World are ambassadors for their species and play a vital role in raising awareness of the effects of global warming.

Current research indicates that Polar Bear numbers in the wild are declining, with 20,000 – 25,000 bears remaining worldwide.