Second black man shot dead by police in the US in two days

A second black man has been shot dead by police in the United States in as many days.

The fatal shooting of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on Tuesday sparked a series of protests.

Then the following day Philando Castile was shot at least four times by police while he sat in his car in the US state of Minnesota.  He was pulled over because he had a broken tail light.


But this time Castile’s girlfriend live-streamed the aftermath.  She panned her phone camera around to show her boyfriend covered in blood and a gun pointing through the window.

Diamond Reynolds keeps repeating in the vision that he was shot as he reached for his driving licence, which is what the police officer asked him to get.

She didn’t realise straight away that her partner had died.  When she starts to grieve her four-year-old daughter, who’d been sitting in the back seat, reaches for the phone and consoles her mother.

The deadly shooting of Castile has sparked fresh protests with around 200 people marching outside the St Paul home of Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton, who later requested a federal investigation into the shooting.

In a statement on Facebook, President Barack Obama said all Americans “should be deeply troubled” by the two fatal shootings.

Tennis player Serena Williams joined the chorus of calls for action.  She Tweeted “In London I have to wake up to this. He was black. Shot 4 times? When will something be done – no REALLY be done?!”

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