Second casino fight steps up as consultation wraps up

The fight against a second Gold Coast casino will step up another notch with opponents criticising the consultation process.

Concerned Gold Coasters are being encouraged to attend an information session and sausage sizzle at Carey Park in Southport, one of the sites which has reportedly been earmarked for a Global Tourism Hub.

The consultation process for a GTH, undertaken by an independent panel is due to conclude on Monday.


It’s understood the panel has been investigating 11 possible sites, but those locations remain a closely guarded secret.

However Carey Park has long been touted as a likely location, angering locals.

Former Councillor Eddy Sarroff is leading the charge against a GTH at Carey Park, saying any new casino should not be built on public land.

“The local community have raised serious concerns with the consultation process, whereby 10 of the 11 sites that have been investigated for the integrated resort and casino remain secret whilst Carey Park has been openly promoted,” Mr Sarroff said.

“We maintain that a Casino and resort should be built on privately owned land not on precious open space which is heritage listed.”

The information session will be held at Carey Park between 10am and midday on Saturday.

“Hands off Carey Park, hands off public open space, hands off the Tennis centre and Bowls Club, and hands off our car parks. We will stand firm in rejecting commercialisation of our park into a casino and resort which most likely will fall into foreign ownership.

“The State Government should listen to concerned residents who just want to protect their open space for future generations.”