Second Paris attacker on the run

There are reports French officials are on the hunt for a second fugitive who they believe was directly involved in the Paris attacks.

According to initial information, an analysis of the series of attacks on Friday night indicated that one person directly involved was unaccounted for.

Seven attackers died that night – three around the national stadium, three inside the Bataclan concert venue and one at a restaurant nearby.


A team of gunmen also opened fire at a series of nightspots in one of Paris’s trendiest neighborhoods.

French and Belgian authorities have issued a warrant for one person, Salah Abdeslam, whose brother was among the attackers.

The officials say the second fugitive has not been identified.

Meanwhile, German officials have released seven people they had arrested, saying there was no evidence linking them to the Paris attacks.

Police near the Belgian border had detained five men and two women on Tuesday as they hunt for suspects related to last Friday’s bloody jihadist attacks in France.

The special units had hoped one of those detained near the city of Aachen would be Abdeslam.

But German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said that hopes authorities had netted a “big fish” were dashed, saying “unfortunately he is not who we hoped he would be”.