Security drones considered for Gold Coast Commonwealth Games

Drones could be used to keep an eye on things during the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games.

GOLDOC Chairman, Peter Beattie AC said the use of security drones is under consideration, with safety of our Games patrons, athletes and officials, paramount in our planning.

In particular they could be sent to monitor dense areas of bushland.


“Security planning for GC2018 is well established however we appreciate the application of new technologies and have an open mind when it comes to their use, particularly given the benefit of advice we receive from our partner agencies and other events, Mr Beattie said.

“There is no doubt that there will be a significant increase in air traffic during GC2018.

“We are working closely with Government partner agencies to ensure any deployment of security drones and all other aircraft are closely monitored and regulated to achieve the security objectives and outstanding vision of the Games and the destination,” Mr Beattie said.

GOLDOC Head of Security, Danny Baade said the team would be keeping a close eye on what was happening in Rio 2016 and as per previous events, including Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, they would utilise information and learnings from the Olympic Games to inform ongoing security planning.

“Together with our partner agencies we will monitor the use of new security technologies and infrastructure in Rio and make decisions around its potential use within our security planning framework closer to GC2018.

Mr Baade said GOLDOC and the partner agencies were all working towards the one key goal – to deliver a safe and secure environment for the Games in 2018.