Security guard sent to jail for punching drunk patron

A Gold Coast security guard will spend the next year behind bars for breaking a man’s jaw with one punch.

Dennis Hecta Tipene Faulkner has been sentenced to two-and-a-half years’ jail, to serve 12 months before the remainder is suspended for a period of three years.

Earlier this week, the 42-year-old former Australian Army soldier was found guilty in Southport District Court of causing grievous bodily harm to Dominic Beinke.


The court heard Mr Beinke was on the Gold Coast to celebrate a friend’s engagement when Faulkner and another guard refused to let him into the Grand Chancellor Hotel in Surfers Paradise early on February 9, 2014.

Faulkner took Mr Brinke outside to the hotel driveway, where CCTV footage showed him punching Mr Beinke’s face.

His jaw was broken in two places and he was unconscious for a short time before waking up in a puddle of blood.

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Call the cops l only did half my sentence!!! I must of broken out! Can’t remember, what should l do about the other half of my sentence. Will l be charged for trying to kill the receptionist that l was working with? She quit her job the next day. Oh that’s right she’s black. Don’t worry the law states you can spit blood in my face because you are communicating with me. f*** off a black man does it to a white man it’s called assault
Australian are a bunch of f***ing racist dogs. Think l give a flying f*** l did nothing for your piece of s*** country as proven in the court of law. f*** no! f***ing proud l did nothing for your piece of s*** country. Burn my “FUCKING” medals you c***s! Proud l handed them in to the Southport Courthouse!!!
When will you deport me? My visa should of been cancelled as l did 6 months all kiwis f***ing bulls*** how you have to do a year. f***ing wrong, one day in jail your visa is cancelled.
One thing jail taught me is “YOU CAN ALL BURN IN HELL!”