Security guards, CCTV camera installed to protect Palm Beach reef plaque from protesters

Gold Coast Council has revealed it will take serious measures to safeguard a new plaque in Palm Beach, after protesters swore to damage it.

Security guards and a CCTV camera will be installed at the artificial reef plaque, which was officially unveiled in a last minute ceremony on Saturday.

It was initially supposed to be unveiled today, though word that the Mayor would be in Palm Beach sparked a social media organised protest, forcing the event to change date.


Mayor Tom Tate this morning confirmed that the change in ceremony time was made due to security concerns, though protesters still came to the Saturday meeting as well.

“The minute we put out that we’re going to have an unveiling of the plaque, through social media – through a  leak, ‘the Mayor’s going to be there lets get a big protest’.

It was off topic – nothing to do with the artificial reef… and utilise the opportunity to voice whatever grief they have.

“What I find interesting is that when they do come, what it’s about is the intensification of town planning,” Mayor Tate said.

Mayor Tate said he did also talk to the protesters, and was extremely concerned when one mentioned they would return to the plaque and destroy it.

“They said on the day ‘we’re going to come back and vandalise it’… don’t say it if you don’t mean it.

“What did i do? Took a few photos myself, so I know who said that.” Mayor Tate said.

The Mayor couldn’t disclose the specifics of the security measures, though says they have already been budgeted for.

“For me to give you a specific time – it wouldn’t be right.

“What I’m getting at there is that if you have the intention to deface anything in our city, we’ve got cameras out there and you don’t know how long its going to be there – they’re motion censored and we’ll capture it.

“And anyone who does this sort of stuff will be given to police for prosecution,” Mayor Tate said.