See gorgeous behind-the-scenes photos from Ricki-Lee Coulter’s Parisian wedding

Some new behind-the-scenes photos from Ricki-Lee Coulter’s amazing Parisian wedding have been shared online.

The Gold Coast singer recently married her manager, Richard Harrison, at the historic Chateau Bouffemont, just outside Paris.

Wearing a Johanna Johnson gown, the 29-year-old looks stunning in the never before seen pics which were posted on Instagram by wedding guest Carmela Contarino.


This, is just after I motorboated the beautiful bride, because, I’m classy like that. #RickiandRich @therickilee ????

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Let’s hear it for the girls!! #RickiandRich @therickilee ??? A photo posted by Carmela Contarino (@carmela_cc) on

Ricki-Lee has also shared a photo in her beautiful wedding dress on her Instagram account for fans to admire.

There is a common misconception that has been going on for 6 years now…and I feel like if I don't say something, it will continue forever. My husband Rich, is not a Personal Trainer – he is my manager. And he has been since 2010. In almost every article I have seen written about me…Rich is referred to as a Personal Trainer, which he isn't. And that we met at his personal training studio. Which we didn't. We met in 2009 in a bar in Melbourne at 1am & I was standing on a table skulling a jug of beer… cos that's the kind of classy girl I am! Haha I'm not sure if people know what a manager actually does – so I'll try and put it in a nutshell for you. EVERYTHING I do – he sets up & makes it all happen. Whether it be a single or album release, a music video, a live show, a tour, a TV show, a photo shoot, TV & radio or magazine or press interviews, appearances & songwriting sessions. Everyday he's dealing with the huge team of people we work with on so many different things. Whether it be my record label, the marketing & publicity teams, my co-writers & producers from all around the world, mixing engineers, my publisher, my booking agent, my band & dancers, sound & lighting techs, my tour manager, video directors, photographers, hair & make up artists & stylists. He's the one pulling it all together. It's a huge job with so many moving parts & everything he does behind the scenes makes it possible for me to have the freedom to do what I want as an artist and focus on being the best I can be. And on top of all that…I can't even begin to explain how much he motivates and inspires me creatively very single day. So when I see him referred to as a personal trainer – it's SO wrong it's not even funny. It's lazy journalism and it's incorrect. And I feel like it discredits everything he has been a part of creating – & everything he does on a daily basis. So please – to the people who keep writing it, stop with the Personal Trainer tag. Rich is my manager. And a great manager at that with a great reputation in this business. I'd like him to get the credit he deserves. It's been 5 years now, it had to be said. I hope you all understand. xxx @blacklabelentertainment

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