Seeking the silver lining

TWO decades. That’s how long it took for city planners and politicians to transform the Gold Coast’s light rail system from the seed of an idea into a fully funded, operational $1 billion reality.

So how long did it take for a couple of thugs to deface our shiny, brand new trams?

Two days.


Yep, just 48 hours after the G:Link began shuttling Gold Coasters and tourists back and forth between Southport and Broadbeach, a couple of local drongos decided it would be a good idea to spruce up a wall and seat area with their own special artwork – a.k.a. graffiti.

If that doesn’t make you shake your head with embarrassment, wondering what kind of bogans live on the Gold Coast, the next part will: apparently, it wasn’t an isolated incident.

According to GoldLinQ CEO Phil Mumford, there have been “a number of incidents” involving damage to trams since passenger services began on July 20.

“We’ve had this one occurrence of internal pen graffiti, and five windows etched while in passenger services,” he told the Bully.

Now, I consider myself to be quite house-proud. If I buy a new sofa or get a free iPhone on a new mobile contract, I take really, really good care of it – for the first few months, at least. I always put my glasses back in their case and I never rarely only sometimes eat in my car.

So when our new light rail system launched, I couldn’t help but feel proud. And now, hearing that a couple of punks have already defaced it? It’s kinda frustrating.

The police have released some blurry CCTV images of the men they believe may have allegedly been involved in the on-board graffiti session. They look to be in their 20s or 30s, maybe even older – for all of that fancy equipment, the pics are pretty grainy!

Honestly, my toddler knows better than to destroy her new toys by colouring them in with texters and markers… And she’s 3. When will people grow up?

That said, it’s not all bad news. I reckon I’ve found the upshot to this.

If you happen to be on a tram and you witness Dodgy Bob creating some illegal art, you may be in for a pay-day: if you can provide anonymous evidence of a graffiti vandal to Crime Stoppers and it leads to an arrest, you may be paid a cash reward of up to $1000.

See – there’s always a silver lining, if you’re prepared to look hard enough.

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