Selfless act of Gold Coast “Gentle Giant” restores faith in humanity

A Gold Coast man has proven there are real-life superheroes after potentially saving the life of a complete stranger.

Tegan Langley has taken to Facebook to thank ‘Tony’ for shelling out more than $500 to replace her bald tyres.

“A beautiful miracle happened to me today,” Tegan says in her post, which has now been shared almost 1,200 times and attracted thousands of reactions and comments.


She explains she was sitting in her car at the Pimpama McDonald’s waiting for an appointment, when the “gentleman approached my car window”.

“He asked if I knew about the state of my tyres.”

Tegan explained that she couldn’t afford to buy new ones, so Tony offered to do it for her, so long as she would someday pay it forward.

“This complete stranger explained he couldn’t live with himself if he walked away from the situation knowing they were about to blow at anytime.

“Tony didn’t expect anything in return.

“$535 dollars, a lot of tears on my behalf, a few hugs, three brand new tyres, a wheel alignment later and the offer to fuel up my care he left.

“No last name, no contact number, just Tony the gentle giant with his two beautiful sons teaching them a life lesson.

“From the bottom of my heart thank you.”