Senator Derryn Hinch caught up in citizenship scandal

Senator Derryn Hinch is the latest federal politician embroiled in Canberra’s citizenship scandal.

The Victorian Senator has admitted he holds a US social security card, which makes him eligible for some US benefits.

Senator Hinch lived in New York in the 1960s and 1970s while working for the Sydney Morning Herald.


During that time he paid social security tax, which means he is now entitled to a US pension.

Under Section 44 of the constitution, “those who are entitled to the rights or privileges of a foreign power are disqualified from office”.

In a statement, Senator Hinch said he is seeking legal advice and will refer himself to the High Court if necessary.

“I plan to raise the issue with the solicitor-general and, if necessary, will refer myself to the High Court, acting as the Court of Disputed Returns,” he said.