Senator opens Gold Coast seafood conference

SENATOR Barry O’Sullivan will open the Australian Prawn and Barramundi Farmers Associations 2014 Conference at the Gold Coast’s Sea World Resort tomorrow morning.

APFA President Matt West said our farmers want the simple addition of either the word “Australian” or “Imported” included on all printed menus or chalk boards whenever cooked fish is being offered to diners.

“This simple Country of Origin Labelling description will give consumers great clarity and confidence in making their choice and will stamp our rip offs from cheap product substitution,” Mr West said.


“This racket involves cheaper and in many cases imported fish being passed off as Australian Barramundi or our farmed or wild caught Tiger Prawns.”

The association also hold grave concerns regarding bio security and hygiene standards and over use of antibiotics in overseas aquaculture operations.

These vexatious issues are currently the subject of Senate and House of Representatives inquiries.