Senator Rod Culleton resigns from One Nation

It seems the drama never ends for Rod Culleton.

The embattled Senator has announced he is resigning from the One Nation party after months of turmoil.

Senator Culleton said a fraught relationship with Pauline Hanson and a slew of policy splits between he and the party is the reason behind his decision.


“Since my election to the Senate, I have consistently remained committed to all of the policies and pre-election promises, however my PHON Senate colleague’s public record, shows they have not,” Mr Culleton said.

“Policy decisions have been run in morning media, with no consultation, discussion or agreement from the party room and personal attacks and undermining, un-Australian behaviour towards myself and my team, has been ongoing and terms dictated to the team.”

He accused Senator Hanson and her chief of staff of trying to force him to resign and wielding control over his office.

“The PHON leader’s public rants against me have also been accompanied by demands for my resignation and control over diaries, office management and staffing by Senator Hanson and her Chief of Staff, James Ashby.

“The irrational dictates have caused only disunity and distrust.”

Senator Culleton has vowed to stay on as an Independent.

However, he is still facing legal battles, including one case before the High Court, which could render him ineligible as a parliamentarian.

The High Court is yet to announce its decision on whether he was eligible to even run for office as was convicted of larceny at the time of the election.

The conviction was later thrown out.